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The online asthma resource – find out what cause asthma.. information, experts, medication, education, learn about and find facts about this condition, how it affects kids, children, infants, how to control, manage and prevent it. Prevention of allergies is important – we provide treatments, manage asthma news, medicine research, self management plan, and help with relieving this condition where you experience breathing difficulty. manage asthma Find out about a peak flow meter, inhaler and monitoring.

A common condition where there is long-term inflammation or swelling of the airways in the lungs. manage asthma - As a result of the inflammation, the airways are hyper-reactive (twitchy or irritable) and they narrow easily in response to a wide range of triggers manage asthma.
Airways narrowing is usually caused by a manage asthma combination of muscle spasm in the walls of the airways, and inflammation leading to swelling and excessive secretion of mucus asthma manage.

There are four main symptoms, any of which may suggest manage asthma to a doctor that a person has the condition:

Worsening symptoms? manage asthma You should consult your doctor or nurse if you notice any of the following:

Increased shortness of breath on waking in the morning
treatments, symptoms, information, manage asthma
A falling peak flow and big differences between your morning and evening readings
manage asthma Shortness of breath on exertion
Activity limited by this condition

manage asthma Sometimes exercise brings on breathlessness and this may be worse on cold, dry days, or after a change in the weather. Even normal, active childhood play may cause symptoms. manage asthma In children and younger people, coming into contact with house dust, manage asthma pollen, cats, dogs or cigarette smoke may cause symptoms.manage asthma Most people with this condition find that they are worse in smoky atmospheres.

manage asthma peanuts can make some people with this condition cough and wheeze. For some, milk, orange drinks, fizzy drinks and even alcoholic drinks may produce symptoms of this condition. Generally, things that you eat are much less likely to bring on an attack than things that you breathe.
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