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Introducing actionASTHMA

actionASTHMA is an online program, specifically designed by Allen & Hanburys to provide support in managing the daily challenges associated with asthma. It is hoped that the program will be both enjoyable to use and effective.

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You will find that actionASTHMA contains 4 primary sections: Home, Library, My Diary, and Messages. The Home page is the first page you see once you enroll or login to the site. Navigation to the primary sections can be viewed at the top of the page.

This introduction provides a brief overview, guiding you through the various sections of the program:

If you have reached this Help section of actionASTHMA, you have not yet enrolled. Please join now.

The Home Page includes sections on Health and Asthma News, Personal Stories, Ask an Expert, actionASTHMA Bulletin, Vote of the Week, Tips, Recommend actionASTHMA to a Friend, and more.

The Library offers members everything they need to know about asthma. It includes sections on "Asthma: What is it?", "Asthma Triggers", "Treatment for Asthma", "Monitoring Asthma", "Asthma Fact Sheets", "Parents of Children with Asthma", "Just for Kids", "Get to Know the Zones", "Living with Asthma", "Health and Asthma News" and "Recommended Reading" that is personalized just for you.

My Diary (Repeat Prescription, Doctor's Visit, To Do, Peak Flow, Symptoms & Treatment, Personal Achievements, Triggers, Quick Test and Exercise)
The Diary is the central tool for day-to-day monitoring of your personal activities such as appointments, medication, doctor's appointments, etc. Each time an event is opened and completed, its icon is marked on the relevant date. You can click on any date on the calendar to view the recorded events and the 'To Do' list (if applicable) for that particular day on the right side of the Diary. *Please refer to How to use the Diary.

Each Diary event has a specific role:

Diary Event Role
Repeat Prescription The Repeat Prescription event allows you to log dates and times when you need to refill or renew your reliever, preventor or protector.
Doctor's Visit Tracks information related to your visits to the Doctor's -- both before and after a visit.
To Do Acts as a reminder to log diary events or to do personal tasks. Some To Do reminders can be added to the Diary from within other events.
Peak Flow The predicted P.E.F. calculation is based on your height.
Symptoms & Treatment The symptoms you are experiencing today and/or the treatments you are taking today.
Personal Achievements The Personal Achievement event allows you to log something special you have managed to do or to set goals for the future.
Triggers Tracks the triggers that are causing your asthma today.
Quick Test Check yourself out -- even when your asthma seems under control, it may be troubling you more than you realise.
Exercise Tracks all aspects of any physical activity that you do including the duration, distance and heart rate.

actionASTHMA includes a medium for sending and receiving e-mail messages to and from the actionASTHMA administrator. Your mailbox is divided into 3 primary sections: Incoming Messages (includes the option of sending a New Message), Sent Messages and Filed Messages.

More Options
actionASTHMA includes 4 other options: Records, Help, Personal Profile and Logout.

The Records section provides a summary of the events that you have recorded in the Diary.

Personal Profile
The Personal Profile is a user's profile of information, an important component for delivering actionASTHMA personalization, segmentation and reporting. It includes 2 sections: Personal Details and Password Settings.

Help provides the following sections: Introduction, FAQs and Diary Help.

Choose "Logout" to close your Internet connection to actionASTHMA.

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